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Our 5th Annual 
IRA Fun Cruise is Sailing on Halloween Day from San Juan Puerto Rico
The Frick & Frack team of Quincy Long, Owner, & Walter Wofford, plus a host of very talented industry leaders are sailing on the Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas Big & Nice Ship from San Juan on Halloween Day - October 31 2015 for 7 nights to exotic Southern Caribbean Ports with a host of talented presenters from around the US.
  • Outstanding Networking and relationship building...
  • 30+ presentations from DOERS Investing with their Retirement Account
  • You can't have this much FUN for this little money!
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Seminar Cost: $300 per person attending the 40+ Seminar presentations in addition to the cruise price - depending on what cabin you want. Cruise Prices start at $699 per person for Inside cabins & $831 per person for an Ocean View and $980 for Balcony per person based on double occupancy. 
Non-attending guests and family members may come along with no seminar fee. WHAT A BARGAIN!

Where else can you have this much fun for this little money?


 Presentations: We will have a total of 40+ different presentations plus plenty of fun networking activities.

Limited to only 180 people due to meeting room size. 

You will enjoy 7 days of ACCESS to the best and brightest in the industry. Join us!

Royal Caribbean offers a lot of special fares. Some of these can be sold into the group and some cannot. Janis Baker will work with the individuals that call or email to see if there are any offers that they can take advantage and still be part of the group such as past passengers, military etc. We have to book a group to get the meeting room even if you can find a cheaper deal. All cruise lines work this way. SIGN UP EARLY if you want to come.

To Book the cruise: Contact Janis Baker Martin 
- Best Travel Agent in the World -  
[email protected] 407 215 5467 or click the button below
Quincy Long - [email protected] 281-492-3434
Walter Wofford - [email protected] 601-594-8300

We will have 7 days to network and learn the latest ideas about IRAs and Self Direction of Retirement Accounts plus have some fun!
Each day our presentations will have a specific theme. We call it the "NAKED TRUTH" SERIES. Our teaching time is from 9 am till 11 am daily plus some evening sessions.
Each theme day will have 4 x 20 minute presentations followed by Q &A in the 4 corners of the room by each speaker. 
Session 1: The Naked Truth About IRAs

Mary Hart - "Nuts & Bolts of SDIRA Investing: The Rules"

Quincy Long - "Interesting Subtitlies for IRA Investing"

Session 2: The Naked Truth About Borrowing From IRAs

Wayne Shaeffer - "The Best Seat At The Real Estate Table"

Session 3: The Naked Trust About IRA Joint Ventures & OPM

Walter Wofford - "Creating Discounted Notes for Your IRA & Others"

Glenn Stromberg - "Structuring Lucrative Real Estate Joint Ventures in Your IRA with Manufactured Housing" 

Scott Ficinus - "Joint Ventures: Strategic Alliances"

Kevin Stroup - "Small Deals to Grow Your IRA"

Session 4: The Naked Truth about Trusts & IRAs

Walter Wofford - "Protecting Your IRA Owned Assets From Predators"
Jim Ingersoll - "Lessons I learned at the Love Shack"

Session 5: The Naked Truth About IRAs & Lending 

Pat Billheimer - TRID! What IS that and Why Should I Care?

Mary Hart - "Supercharging Your IRA Through Hard Money Lending" 

Gary Flemming - "Be the Bank! Why Private Lending is the Easiest Way to Grow Your IRA!" 

Wendy Sweet -"5 Deadly Mistakes IRA Lenders Make"

Tom Olson - "Turn Key Lending with IRAs"

Session 6: The Naked Truth About Technology & Productivity in Your Business

Brent Mott - "Finding motivated sellers
Simple Marketing that yields a 8-12% response rate"

Keith Lankheet - "Time Tested Negotiating"

Jim Ingersoll - Why & How to Start Your Own Personal Mastermind Group

Dan Goodwin - "So you think you have a business?
Subtitle How to control your default exit strategy"  

Session 7: The Naked Truth Hypothetical Confessional

Steve Zehala - "How to Stare down the Barrel..then CRUSH it!
REVEALED: Thriving.. even when Murphy shows up in droves...
...even When the Cannibals & dragons & ALL want a Piece of You.. and your first born!"

Session 8: The Naked Truth About Notes

Travis Tollestrup - "The 6 Most Common "Paper Profit" Models of Note Investing: Which One is Right for You?"

Bob Zachmeier -Why You Should Be Buying Upside Down Houses

Session 9: The Naked Truth Investment Opportunties in Today's

Terrell Sheen - "Creating Money to Grow Your Company"

Bobby Redwine - "Mobile Home Cash Flow"

"Fast Path for Purchasing Houses through" 

Randy Harris - "Wholesaling 101: Top 10 Secrets to Huge Profits"

Bob Zachmeier - "Four Years of College for a Few Thousand Dollars"

In addition to the presenters listed above, we have more . . .

David Phelps 
John Hyre, Attorney
Kacee Jackson 
Aaron Halderman 
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