4th Annual IRA Fun Cruise Seminar at Sea 2.0

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We’re sailing again! The tag team of Quincy Long, www.QuestIRA.com Owner, & Walter Wofford, www.IRADealMaker.com plus a host of very talented industry leaders are sailing on the Carnival DREAM from of New Orleans LA on January 11th 2015 for 7 nights to Cozumel, Honduras and Belize with 3 jam packed days of teaching and presentations.

Seminar Cost: $100 per person attending the 30+ Seminar presentations in addition to the cruise price - depending on what cabin you want. Cruise Prices start at $520 per person for Inside cabins & $760 per person for a Balcony per person based on double occupancy. Non-attending guests and family members may come along with no seminar fee. WHAT A BARGAIN!

$250 refundable deposit will hold your spot. Limited to only 140 people due to meeting room size. 
You will enjoy 7 days of ACCESS to the best and brightest in the industry. Join us!
Carnival offers a lot of special fares.  Some of these can be sold into the group and some cannot.  Janis Baker will work with the individuals that call or email to see if there are any offers that they can take advantage and still be part of the group such as past passengers, military etc. We have to book a group to get the meeting room even if you can find a cheaper deal. All cruise lines work this way. SIGN UP EARLY if you want to come.
To Book the cruise: Contact Janis Baker Martin, Best Travel Agent in the World, at Go Travel, 2811 West State Rd 434, Longwood Fl 32779  janisb@gotravel.com  407 215 5467

Walter Wofford – WalterWofford@gmail.com   601-594-8300

Quincy Long – Quincy@QuestIra.com   281-492-3434

Look at the list of presenters . . . industry leaders from our last cruise.

We will have 7 days to network and learn the latest ideas about IRAs and Self Direction of Retirement Accounts plus have some fun!

Here were 2014′s IRA FUN CRUISE topics . . . 

1.         IRA Note Strategies for Compliance and Profit – Jeff Watson

2.         The Role of Your Self Directed Custodian- Bev Edwards

3.         From High Income to High Net Worth – Converting from Transaction-Based Income to Asset-Based Passive Cash Flow  – David Phelps

4.         Summary of Little Deals – Lyle Wall

5.         IRA Private Lending Closing System- (Dodd Frank Compliant) – Jack Shea

6.         Private IRA Lending (including Dodd-Frank Rules & Regulations) – Dyches Boddiford

7.         Option Strategies in IRAs – Quincy Long

8.         IRA Audits – John Hyre

9.         Outsourcing, Out-tasking and Virtual Assistants- Steve Zehala

10.      IRA Opportunities with 2nd Liens – Gordon Moss

11.      Doing the Good Work While Creating Infinite Returns – Walter Wofford

12.      How Anyone Can Qualify for a Roth IRA by Optimizing Conversions – Quincy Long

13.      Selling Partials to and from your IRA– David Phelps

14.      Counting Profits Dis-Counting Notes – Special Song: ‘Bad Note’ - Dawn Rickabaugh

15.      Case Studies on Buying Minerals and Royalty with your Retirement Accounts  – David Fenogli

16.      Creative Options – Jack Shea

17.      HSA Advantages & Strategies – Dyches Boddiford

18.      Doing Deals with Your HSA – Jeff Watson

19.      Marketing Systems Every Business Needs – Webinar & Stealth – Steve Zehala

20.      Small Business (“S” or “C” Corp with a single shareholder) Funding of SEP, SIMPLE & Individual 401K Strategies – Dyches Boddiford

21.      Privacy . . . Practical Applications – Scott Britton

22.      Case law update & New IRA Reporting Requirements – Quincy Long

23.      Top US Markets for IRA Investing – Jason Whaley

24.      Introduction to Trust Deed Investing – Scott Ficinus

25.      Building Your Business Through Executive Masterminds – Dan Goodwin

26.      Joint Ventures & Participation Agreements Case Studies- David Phelps

27.      Personal Property Trusts & IRAs (including Dealing with Your Local Bank, IRS and Trustees when starting a Trust) – Dyches Boddiford

28.      Land Trust Strategies for your IRA – Jack Shea

29.      Tax Q & A –John Hyre

30.      Top 10 Mistakes IRA Owners Make – Jeff Watson

31.      What you need to know about inherited Roth IRAs – Quincy Long

32.      Inherited Roth IRA Implementation – Walter Wofford

33.      Using a “Robin Hood” Close to Multiply Profits – Bob Zachmeirer

34.      Steve Zehala – Trusts Strategies

35.      Due Diligence for IRA Transactions – Dyches Boddiford

36.      Find, Fix and Stay – Lyle Wall

37.      Common Flaws I See in Clients – John Hyre

38.      More applications for Personal Property Trusts – Jack Shea

39.      More 2nd Lien IRA Strategies – Gordon Moss

40.      Q & A Wrap up

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