5th Annual IRA Fun Cruise Seminar at Sea

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We’re sailing again! The Frick & Frack team of Quincy Long, www.QuestIRA.com Owner, & Walter Wofford, www.IRADealMaker.com plus a host of very talented industry leaders are sailing on the Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas Big & Nice Ship from San Juan on Halloween Day – October 31 2015 for 7 nights to exotic Southern Caribbean Ports with a host of talented presenters from around the US.

San Juan – Charlotte Amalie St. Thomas – St. Croix U S Virgin Islands – St. John’s Antigua – St. Lucia – Martinique

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Seminar Cost: $100 per person attending the 40+ Seminar presentations in addition to the cruise price – depending on what cabin you want. Cruise Prices start at $699 per person for Inside cabins & $831 per person for an Ocean View and $980 for Balcony per person based on double occupancy. Non-attending guests and family members may come along with no seminar fee. WHAT A BARGAIN!

Where else can you have this much fun for this little money?

Sitting On Your Hands Penalty: On June 1st the Seminar Cost will increase to $200 and on August 1st it will be $300. Don’t wait.


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 Presentations: We will have a total of 40+ different presentations plus plenty of fun networking activities.

Limited to only 140 people due to meeting room size. 

You will enjoy 7 days of ACCESS to the best and brightest in the industry. Join us!

Royal Caribbean offers a lot of special fares.  Some of these can be sold into the group and some cannot.  Janis Baker will work with the individuals that call or email to see if there are any offers that they can take advantage and still be part of the group such as past passengers, military etc. We have to book a group to get the meeting room even if you can find a cheaper deal. All cruise lines work this way. SIGN UP EARLY if you want to come.

To Book the cruise: Contact Janis Baker Martin, Best Travel Agent in the World, at Go Travel, 2811 West State Rd 434, Longwood Fl 32779  janisb@gotravel.com  407 215 5467

Quincy Long – Quincy@QuestIra.com   281-492-3434

Walter Wofford – WalterWofford@gmail.com   601-594-8300

Look at the list of Cruise presenters and industry leaders From January’s Cruise

We will have 7 days to network and learn the latest ideas about IRAs and Self Direction of Retirement Accounts plus have some fun!

Here are 2015’s IRA FUN CRUISE topics . . . 


Scott Britton – “How To Get What You Want – Without Using Force!”- There are two ways to get what you want out of life. One is with the use of force (also spelled intimidation). Governments and Anarchists believe in this method. But, using force comes at a high personal cost. The superior method is persuasion. This is the art of getting others to do what you want them to do on their own accord. We’ll discuss a few persuasion techniques you can use right away to get what you want… without using force!

Scott Britton – “How To Make Every Deal More Profitable!” – High volume doesn’t always equate to high profit. What if you could make every deal you do more profitable? Would you have to do as many deals? Work as hard? Making every deal you do more profitable is the key to creating an enviable lifestyle. Think more money, more free time. To accomplish this, you should concentrate on 3 distinct areas. Let me show you how in this power-packed presentation.

Scott Ficinus“The Voice(s) of Experience” - Top 3 of All Real Estate Secrets To Be Revealed. A panel discussion of more than 100 years of deal experience and many 100s of deals.

Jack Harper – “Due Diligence & Protecting Your IRA” In 2012, the SEC issued Investor Notice 5866, “Self Directed IRAs and the Risk of Fraud”. During this discussion, Jack will review with you a list of things you need to consider on each IRA investment. Some types of investments have great collateral while other types of investments may carry significant risks. Doing your homework before entering into a new investment will help you have a positive experience.

Jack Harper – “Owning an LLC in your Self-Directed IRA” Just because you have a self-directed IRA custodian and an IRA that owns a particular investment does not shield you from personal liability. In this discussion, we will review some of the things you need to know about an IRA-owned LLC. If you don’t create the LLC the right way, then you may already have exposure. We will also discuss the use of multiple IRAs in this context as well as the proper way to fund the entities.

Jim Ingersoll“Top 10 Must Use Web Resources for Investors” – Connecting with motivated sellers, how to get the right information and use the Internet to expedite your cash flow.

Jim Ingersoll“Cash Flow Creation Strategies in High End & Hot Markets” – How to tweak your approach & super-size your seller financing strategies to succeed when other investors are spinning their wheels.

Kacee Jackson“Highly Advanced Real Estate Marketing for Beginners and Experts Alike” – Developing highly customized direct mail marketing pieces that will instantly grab sellers attention using online databases and desktop tools.

Quincy Long – “Do the Due” – Learn how to KEEP all of your hard earned money by doing proper due diligence on your IRA transactions.

Quincy Long – “Bridging the Gap With Title Insurance” – Learn the importance and value of title insurance for your real estate transactions.

Mahmood Motani“Passive Income Returns in the Mid-Teens From Notes” Review a portfolio of available performing notes on residential properties that generate “mailbox” money.

Gordon Moss – “Performance Anxiety” – Non-Performing Junior Liens and YOUR IRA. My own personal experience in the non performing note niche and why I think the non performing junior lien niche is the number one opportunity today for the small investor

Gordon Moss“Mysteries & Myths of Internet Marketing & Publishing Your Own Best Selling Book Revealed” Build your brand and reach your market through the most powerful marketing vehicles on the planet – the web/Internet and book publishing through Amazon/kindle. Avoid the maniacs trying to sell you expensive web advice and follow this simple strategy as I have done – it is easier than you think.

Robert Napolitano“Single Asset or Pooled Investments” How to perform Due Diligence and make informed decisions on the next generation asset class: Real Estate-based Private Equity Funds.

Robert Napolitano“Real Estate or Mortgage Notes” how to capture returns in your portfolio from the hottest investment class in today’s market in 5 easy steps

Joedy Patrick – “If You’re Going to Hold Real Estate in your IRA – DO IT RIGHT!”

David Phelps - “Flying Under the Radar” – How to Live a Tax-Free Lifestyle Without Raising Eyebrows”

David Phelps - “How to Build Your Own Non-Regulated Bank” – “Financing is where the profit Lies”

Dawn Rickabaugh - “How You Can Provide the American Dream By Investing in Notes – Fewer and fewer have the opportunity to own” – Private real estate and note investors, working together, can profit handsomely by providing affordable housing to the underserved.

Dawn Rickabaugh - “Why the Skill of Raising Capital is More Important than Having Your Own” – As an investor, you focus on finding and funding the deal. If you can add ‘finding fresh capital’ to your skill set, your returns will literally explode.

Jack Shea“Advanced Uses of Land Trusts, Personal Property Trusts, and IRA Checkbook Control” for greater safety, privacy and flexibility in IRA and all other investments.

Jack Shea“Creative Methods to Invigorate Your IRA Performance” to double and triple digit levels with minimum risk and maximum return.

Jeff Watson“When Your IRA Owned Entity Gets Sued or Needs to Foreclose”

Jeff Watson“Avoiding Trust Trip Ups” – Common problems with Trusts that can easily be prevented.

Walter Wofford - “Award Winning Wrap Around Financing Strategies” for Buying, for Selling, for Lending with your IRA and Lending with Other’s IRA.

Walter Wofford“Laser Focus – Marketing Strategies For Seller Financed Purchases” various methods used to increase your odds for attracting sellers who will agree to your seller-financed terms for your IRA.

Bob Zachmeier-“Why You Should Be Buying “Upside Down” Houses!” – The cheapest house isn’t always the best deal! Learn to profit tax free with little or no down on real estate deals nobody else is chasing!

Bob Zachmeier-“ “Tales from the Trenches” – How I found, funded, and closed more than a dozen note deals since the last IRA Fun Cruise. Real case studies of deals I find every week.

 Apprentice Presentation Topics

We will have an “Apprentice” track running simultaneously to 2 hours of the IRA Class time per day while we are at sea. The Apprentice presentations are for high school and collage age folks or spouses or partners getting started. No age limit or age restrictions. Every one is encouraged to attend the presentations that interest you.

Quincy Long – Learn the basics of self-directed IRAs, including which types of accounts can be self-directed, what alternative assets you can invest in, the disadvantages and risks of self-directed IRAs, and restrictions on what you can do with your self-directed IRA

Scott Britton – “How To Start On Your Quest To Becoming A Natural Negotiator!” – Negotiating is not only very profitable, its fun! In this short presentation, I’ll show you how to get started with 3 fun and easy negotiating assignments you can put into play right here on the IRA Fun Cruise 4.0.

Jack Harper – “Life Lessons that I Would Like to Convey to My Children” In this discussion, Jack will share with you the uppermost life-lessons that he would like for his children to understand and integrate into their lives. Some of the topics he will cover include: -Marriage and Family-Money and Investing-Employment-Dealing with Difficult People-Enjoying Life-The Counsel of Good Friends

Jim Ingersoll“Cashing in with an 8th Grade Education” – How to crank up your cash flow with the math you need to succeed and the right strategies that they do not teach you at school.

Mahmood Motani“The Math Behind a Home Mortgage Payment” – How the mortgage payment is calculated; how to pick out the most financially sensible mortgage loan when presented with a choice; how you can pay off your mortgage in less than ten years.

Gordon Moss“Enjoy capitalism”- And why most Americans don’t. A closer look at the “overlooked and abundant” opportunities in real estate, note investing and business that most Americans take for granted. “Get your mind right” and decide if you are willing to commit to a path of learning, relationship building and focus to becoming financially free. There is a fortune at your feet – the question is if you are willing to do what it takes to move down the path to financial success.

Jack Shea“Proven Low-cost, Low Risk Option Strategies for Beginners on real estate, notes, & Personal Property” - Tasks that can be used immediately, with minimum downside.

Dawn Rickabaugh – “How Notes & Private Loans Dramatically Affect Your Life Right Now, Even if You Don’t Think You’re an Investor” – Simple everyday examples of how you are already either becoming richer through notes, or being robbed blind by them.

Jeff Watson“Keeping IRA Investing Simple” – Why focusing on the fundamentals makes sense

Bob Zachmeier-“ “How Find and Fund Real Estate Deals With Little or No Money!” – You don’t have to be rich to find real estate deals. Learn to find and fund the deals other investors don’t see!